As a computational-design I consider code and design strictly related. Research of the performance or product customization require advanced tools and sometimes even software customization according to specific needs. This is a list of open-source projects that I am developing:


Tissue is an add-on for Blender developed by Co-de-iT in order to promote the use of Blender in Computational Design. Tissue is already listed in the Blender’s add-on, although the latest version of the add-on can be downloaded from:

Mesh Sync

Mesh Sync is a simple add-on with the aim of connecting Blender with other softwares using txt files automatically saved on a specific folder. The used syntax is simple and can be easily implemented in other tools. I also developed some specific Grasshopper components in order to connect Blender and Grasshopper in both directions. Download add-on:


Blender’s add-on, developed in collaboration with WASP, with the aim to support medical staff designing orthotics corsets for 3D printing. Check the project’s description or donwload the add-on:


MyFaceMask add-on for Blender has been created as initiative by WASP. It’s a tool with the aim to guide the user in the process of creating MyFaceMask breathing masks. Download the add-on:

Gcode Exporter

Export edges paths or polylines as gcode files for digital fabrication Gcode Exporter is not a slicer, just a tool that allows to export a custom path as gocode file in order to use it for digital fabrication purposes (e.g. 3D Printing). Download add-on:

Support me

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